Journal Articles

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Book Chapters

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Conference Papers

Mapping International Student Mobility in the Netherlands: Policies & trends (PPT). Australian International Education Conference. Sydney, October 13, 2010.

Grenzeloze ambities en beperkte informative (PPT). 13e DAIR Seminar – Grenzeloos
4-5 november 2009.

Europeanisation by Stealth; The role of the European Court of Justice (PPT). Paper for the EAIR Conference. 23-26 August 2009; Vilnius, Lithuania.

Independent Assessment of the Bologna Process; Discussion on Interim Results; Mobility & Recognition. Paper for the EAIR Conference. 23-26 August 2009; Vilnius, Lithuania.

Internationalisation: from Boardroom to Classroom(…and back again).KeynotePresentation for Workshop The International Classroom at Leiden University; 29 May 2009.

Het Mondiale Hoger Onderwijs & De Nederlandse Agenda. SBO Conferentie Internationalisering Hoger Onderwijs. 26 november 2008.

The Emergence and Institutionalisation of the European Higher Education and Research Area. Paper for the EAIR Conference. 26-29 August 2007; Innsbruck, Austria. (Presentation)

The Service Oriented Research University as a Global Model: Local Adaptation and Policy Dissonance. Paper for the 2007 CHER conference "The Research Mission of the University"; 30/08 – 01/09 2007, Dublin, Ireland. (Presentation)

University Policies for the Knowledge Society. Paper for the Conference of the International Sociological Association. RC on Sociology of Science and Technology / Session 2: the standardisation of science policies. Durban, South Africa 23-29 July 2006  

Global Discourse and Local Practice: Diffusion, Adoption and Loose Coupling. Paper for the ECPR Joint Sessions Workshop: Policy Ideas, Discourses and Debates in the Globalisation Process; Have developing Countries a Chance to Compete? Nicosia, Cyprus 25-30 April, 2006.

International convergence in policy and practice: Transnational diffusion and adoption in Southeast Asia. Paper for the ANZCIES Conference “Questioning ‘Best Practice’ in Education: Benefits and Disadvantages, Debates and Dilemmas” Coffs Harbour 2-4 December 2005. (Presentation)

Global Opportunities and Institutional Embeddedness . Paper presented at the CHER 17th Annual Conference, 17 September 2004 , Enschede, the Netherlands . (Presentation)

Globalisation and Regionalisation: Implications for Higher Education . Keynote at ASEF Asia Europe Conference of Student Union Leaders, 13 Sept 2004 , Stockholm , Sweden. View Presentation

International Partnerships: between global opportunities and institutional embeddedness . Keynote at ‘Hochschulpartnerschaften an der Universität Hamburg ' conference, 8 July 2003 , Hamburg , Germany.

Higher education Consortia as Transnational Actors. Paper presented at ESF Exploratory Workshop “Transnationalism in the European Union”, 20 June 2003, Portsmouth , United Kingdom.

The management of interuniversity networks in Europe and Southeast Asia. Paper presented at the 3rd CHEPS Summer School in Higher Education, 3 July 2003 , Maribor , Slovenia .

Ambiguity in international inter-university networks. Paper presented at the 2 nd CHEPS Summer School in Higher Education, 1 July 2002 , Barcelona , Spain.

International Inter-Organisational Arrangements in Higher Education: Towards a Typology . Paper presented at ACA/EAIE Research Workshop on International Networking, 7 December 2001 , Tampere , Finland .

International Inter-Organisational Arrangements in Higher Education: Towards a Typology . Paper presented at the 23rd international EAIR Forum, 10 September 2001 , Porto , Portugal.

Globalisation and Higher Education Research: Outset for a Conceptual Framework. Paper presented at the 1st CHEPS Summer School in Higher Education, 11 July 2001 , Enschede, the Netherlands.

Cross-Border Cooperation in Higher Education: On Complementarity and Reciprocity. 21st international EAIR Forum, 24 August 1999 , Lund , Sweden. View Paper

ICT in het Hoger Onderwijs: een internationaal vergelijkend perspectief (ICT in Higher Education: an international comparative perspective). Paper presented at the Onderwijs Research Dagen, 21 May 1999 , Nijmegen , the Netherlands .

Selection of Research Reports

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